Abigail Beall
Journalist and author

I'm a freelance science and technology journalist, author and speaker. I'm from Scotland and have lived in Leeds for three years.

Author πŸ“š
Copywriter πŸ–ŠοΈ
Alex Cornforth
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» App Developer

Hey, I'm Alex πŸ‘‹ I specialise Β in building mobile apps which I've been doing for the last 10+ years.

I've worked with various organisations from large household names to small tech startups and non-profits.Off-screen you can find me tinkering with my camper van (there is always some job to do) or down at the allotments in Meanwood.

Developer πŸ’»
Amy Jones
Graphic Designer

Keen creative and sport-obsessed southerner, on loan to Yorkshire. I came to Leeds for university and have stuck around ever since.

Always generating ideas, sometimes I'm so busy making stuff that I forget to sleep. I'm also the co-founder of 'Schnap!', the card-based drinking game. Do get in touch and say hi πŸ‘‹

Designer ✏️
Amy Marshment
Copywriter, Content Creator & Social Media Manager

I have worked with a range of brands from Harvey Nichols, Dior, Cohorted Beauty, London Lane, Chefs for Foodies, B&M, and more. I was also featured in the latest issue of the Women in Business magazine this year (2022).

Copywriter πŸ–ŠοΈ
Marketing πŸ“ˆ
Content Creator ⭐
Andy Horry
Video Marketing Consultant

I'm an enthusiastic filmmaker, musician and consultant from Leeds. I help tech companies build strong relationships with their ideal clients through video marketing campaigns. They aim to either entertain, educate or inspire the target audience of the client, sometimes all 3 in 1.

I use my knowledge in brand strategy and marketing as a foundation accompanied by my artistic vision to produce highly bingeable content. My view is that giving value first is the best way to start real relationships with clients to build trust and take them from consideration to preference.

Filmmaker 🎬
Anna Wanczyk
Independent Graphic & Motion Designer

I’m an independent graphic designer working out of Duke Studios in Leeds.

I love getting up to my elbows in interesting projects for awesome clients. I love the kind of design problems that make my brain fizz and my fingers tingle. The projects that have me waking up at 5am with an idea that’s clawed its way out of my subconscious.

I also love bringing together teams of freelancers for jobs that need more than just a graphic design solution.

Designer ✏️
Motion Designer πŸŒ€
MVP Builder, Maker and Consultant

Born in Canada, raised in cowboy country, studied problem solving, engineering graduate.

Grew intensely curious about tech and startups, now hapily living in Leeds for the past 4 years as a software consultant, no-code maker and community builder.

Maker ⚑
Designer ✏️
Dan Burton

I’m a published and award-nominated freelance photographer. I'm Australian and have lived in Leeds for 6 years. I love telling stories through photography and written word.

I am a business coach and mentor for start-ups and scale-ups across the North of England, and get great joy from seeing people do what they love.

Photographer πŸ“·
Daniel Burkhardt Cerigo
Data Scientist

Leeds bred. Contract Data Scientist. Founded datavaluepeople in 2020. Physics & Philosophy, Oxford. Consulted for UK Gov Office of Rail & Road. Chairperson for nonprofit orgs. Academically published.

Kaggle Machine Learning competition ranked. Built reinforcement-learning pricing optimisation algos operating on millions (Β£) of revenue.

Developer πŸ’»
Dave Holloway
Designer & Strategist

Hello! My name is Dave Holloway. I am a vastly-experienced full-service freelance designer / creative marketer based in Leeds, specialising in strategic branding and digital design.

For 16 years, I ran a multi-award-winning creative agency working on a diverse range of projects for world-class clients. I now work in collaboration with creative agencies and directly with a handful of clients. Whether setting the direction through intelligent brand strategy, or tactical execution through digital and offline channels, I help businesses of all sizes to communicate more effectively.

Designer ✏️
Strategist πŸ’‘
Frazer Sparham
Digital Designer

A digital designer based in Leeds. I like putting the fun in functional in all the work I do, with a few puns added in for good measure.

I also co-host Glug Leeds. Showcasing the best that Leeds has to offer and notworking.

Designer ✏️
Gareth Dakin
Creative, Visual Artist, Photographer & Videographer

I came up from the midlands with an in house scarcity mindset. The north has showed me that it doesn't have to be like that, so now I help out with my skillset everywhere I can.

How can I help you? Aside from creative projects I like to test myself in harsh climates running hills and climbing rocks. Then in direct contrast, which says a lot about my personality, I sit, be still and read. That's got me to here... So far.

Photographer πŸ“·
Videographer πŸ“Ή
Gary Butterfield
Co-founder, Executive Director & Lead Consultant

I started my career post-University in the health, fitness, and strength & conditioning arenas. I've supported the general public as a personal trainer, coached professional athletes in rugby union, and coached England rugby league in Australia for the World Cup in 2008.

These days, I work with large organisations, typically engaging with HR, to plan, develop, deploy, and evaluate their staff health and wellbeing offer.

Photographer πŸ“·
Wellbeing 🌱
Hannah-Natalie Hosanee
Coordinator of Marketing Things

I've been hustling in marketing for over decade working across brand management, digital marketing and event production in a variety of industry sectors including financial services, engineering, telecoms, MedTech and also agency side.

I manage a couple of community groups in and around Leeds; Glug Leeds and help out with Glug Bradford as well as the BIMA community for Leeds and Empowering Women with Technology.

Marketing πŸ“ˆ
JJ Johnstone
Web Designer

Hi there! I'm JJ (they/them), a Leeds-based queer web designer who loves solving coding problems, making tiny games, and working with other queer creatives.

After working as a designer and content creator in the third sector, I started my freelancing journey two years ago by founding Queer Web Design, a collective of queer digital creatives. My skills lie predominantly in HTML5, CSS3, and Wordpress, but I also have substantial experience in SEO and online engagement, content writing, and social media management.

Designer ✏️
Developer πŸ’»
Jamie Boder
Wellness Coach

When I was around 18 I got really sick with two auto immune illnesses called Crohn's disease (an inflammatory bowel disease) and Ankylosing spondylitis (an inflammatory type of arthritis). I was told I would likely be on medication for the rest of my life and that these conditions were progressive.

That is where I was introduced to yoga. The pain I felt began to grow lighter, I grew empowered and increasingly could start to let go of the associations I had of these conditions. I quickly came to realise how powerful this practice could be.

Wellbeing 🌱
Jo Capel
Digital Marketing Consultant

I've been providing freelance digital marketing and business support services in Leeds for over 7 years.

I help independent brands and businesses build relationships with their ideal clients online, through engaging social media, organic content marketing and website design.

Services I provide include social media strategy planning, community management, full account management, bespoke training sessions and website services.

Marketing πŸ“ˆ
Jonny Russell
Digital Marketing Consultant

I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 10 years. Starting out as an SEO I’ve developed a range of digital marketing expertise including PPC and conversion rate optimisation.

Marketing πŸ“ˆ
Joseph Watson
Animator & Sound Designer

A former Engineer turned Sound Designer/ Animator, forged in the depths of Yorkshire. With a keen eye for detail, and cast iron work ethic, my love for audio and animation has blossomed into a successful freelance career, Β working with clients such as the NHS, University of Huddersfield, and ASSL Bermuda Limited.

Animator πŸ‘Ύ
Sound Designer πŸ”‰
Joshua Fry
UX & Web Designer

I've been freelancing since 2014, working mostly on UX Design and Research. I also design and build websites with Webflow.

I've always been into tech, but before it was my job I studied Psychology and Neuroscience, specialising in music. When I discovered UX work I realised there was a lot of crossover with Psychology and fell in love with it.

Designer ✏️
Matt Wheeler
Graphic Designer & Developer

Initially came to Leeds to study Graphic Design at The Uni of Leeds and ended up sticking around. Alongside Graphic Design, I am a self-taught developer working in both front-end and back-end development.

Much of what I do is data-driven, justifying every decision I make, be it design or development. This data helps drive the success for the people and brands I work with by producing meaningful solutions. Seeing their success is my success.

Designer ✏️
Developer πŸ’»
Nadine Burzler
Squarespace Web Designer & Content Marketing Specialist

A freelance Squarespace web designer and content marketer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

I’ve worked in design and marketing for over ten yearsβ€”to me, that means solving problems creatively and resourcefully, simplifying the complex, articulating value, and telling my clients’ stories with fewer words and thoughtful design.

Designer ✏️
Marketing πŸ“ˆ
Nick Poninski

Hi there. Where to start? Well, I love writing. I love clacking away on my keyboard. I love starting with a blank space and finishing with something I can be proud of.

I like writing compelling material that engages people to do something. And I love using psychology as a backbone to do it too - anything by Cialdini is always a good start!

Copywriter πŸ–ŠοΈ
Patrick Wareing
Life Science Digital Marketing Consultant

After graduating as a chemist and spending 5 years as an R&D chemist, I moved in digital marketing specialising in technical SEO.

I have since decided to combine my knowledge of both industries to offer niche digital marketing services for businesses in the science industry.

Marketing πŸ“ˆ
Quinn Daley (they/them)
Software developer

I've been a software developer my whole adult life, having worked for a startup, a multinational and a major charity.

Working for myself I have been the original developer behind several startups including Noiiz, Gigappy, Improve Your Accent and the multi-award-winning Care View (developed in partnership with Leeds City Council).

My own startup name.pn allows everyone to have a page in their email signature to share how their name is pronounced and what pronouns to use.

Developer πŸ’»
Reo Ogusu
Software Developer

AI researcher turned Software engineer. Founder of Leeds based tech company Seeai. Graduated as Top Student from School Computing at the University of Leeds. Moved from Tokyo to Leeds in 2018. Recipient of prestigious Global Talent Visa (Exceptional Talent).

Works in both front-end and back-end development with modern tech stacks, as well as conducting research in ML/AI.

Loves making digital products.

Developer πŸ’»
Content Creator & Storyteller

I am a Content Creator. A Designer. A Developer. A Storyteller. A Documentarist. A visionary longing for change. A lover of beauty and emotivity. A promoter of sustainability and compassion.

My passion is to create live action videos that tell emotional and authentic stories about people, companies and events that make a difference. My style is unobtrusive but dynamic, and I make it my mission to capture the action that will best tell your story.

Content Creator ⭐
Videographer πŸ“Ή
Robert Marshall

Using modern technologies like Gatsby JS and Next JS, I build high converting fully accessible websites, that are optimised for search engines and load in the blink of an eye.

Developer πŸ’»
Scott Heleniak
Brand Designer

From growing up snowboarding, skateboarding, rock climbing and mountaineering, I commit my time to ensuring life is filled with thrilling and meaningful experiences, where I now work with action sport, outdoor & adventure lifestyle brands to help them achieve their business goals.

Designer ✏️
Shaun Page
Digital Media Specialist

Survivor of a life you can barely imagine. Probably the most resourceful and determined person you will ever meet.

Marketing πŸ“ˆ
Designer ✏️
Steph Varley

I'm a photographer based in Leeds and have had a number of articles and images published both in print and online.

With 29 countries under my belt, I've continued to expand my travel portfolio during various vacations and built up my food photography throughout the UK working with companies such as The Food and Drink Guides.

Photographer πŸ“·
Steve Chambers
Writer for Technology Businesses

I usually get engaged to write a ghost blog post for a busy tech company CEO. Then my questioning leads them to think, "Shit, we're not doing any of THAT" so I end up writing more stuff for them and building a Buyer's Funnel. That leads to more outside-in content -- less speeds, feeds, features and functions, more "Day in the life of..." stories.

I love writing, it was a side hustle for ten years when I was a consultant and C-level exec, but now it's full time. When you open a book, you're time travelling to a different place. When you read one of my business articles, I want you to have the same feeling.

Copywriter πŸ–ŠοΈ

I studied Business and Computer Science at the University of Leeds whilst also running a successful ecommerce store shipping our product all over the world.

Currently I am involved in developing two software projects, one in the productivity space and the second one in the healthcare industry.

Developer πŸ’»
Tom Walsh
Web Developer

Hey there! My name is Tom Walsh, I'm a freelance web developer and UX designer from Leeds! I entered the digital world as a designer straight out of Uni, but having taught myself web development along the way, I made the transition to become a full time web developer in 2017.

I've been freelancing since 2021, and absolutely love it. I love having the opportunity to work with SMEs to create intuitive, interesting web experiences to help them convert, sell or educate.

Developer πŸ’»
Designer ✏️
Maker ⚑
Vix Murning
Digital Marketing

I head up DigiVix, a digital marketing collective in Leeds. We will help you to grow your business online. We've got the skills and experience to increase your sales, customers and brand awareness.

Marketing πŸ“ˆ
Will Saunders
Creative Designer

I am a creative designer and self described "reluctant environmentalist" who specialises in brand strategy and visual identity design for non-profits, sustainable organisations and ethical businesses.

After 10+ years in the creative industry I launched my ethical design agency, Good Will Studios, to equip my clients with the creative tools and brand mindset needed for them to achieve their goals and build support for the causes that matter most.

Designer ✏️
Zoe East

Filmmaker. Snowboarder. Climber. Plant Momma. Doggo lover.

Leeds is the city that shaped me after moving here to study at Leeds College of Art. Since then my life as a freelancer began to snowball into the fully fledge business that Opal is today.

Filmmaker 🎬