Joseph Watson

Animator & Sound Designer
Animator 👾
Sound Designer 🔉
My story

A former Engineer turned Sound Designer/ Animator, forged in the depths of Yorkshire. With a keen eye for detail, and cast iron work ethic, my love for audio and animation has blossomed into a successful freelance career,  working with clients such as the NHS, University of Huddersfield, and ASSL Bermuda Limited.

Specialising in 2-D cut out animation and sound design for moving image, I produce anything from professional infographic animations, to bizarre sketches and hand drawn music videos. For more information and examples of work, feel free to visit my website or drop me a message!

My mission

My mission is to create lasting relationships with local organisations, providing longterm infographic solutions which help to simplify and improve working lives.I also aim to produce more sketch work, with the goal of creating and directing my own animated series.

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