Joshua Fry

UX & Web Designer
Designer ✏️
My story

I've been freelancing since 2014, working mostly on UX Design and Research. I also design and build websites with Webflow.

I've always been into tech, but before it was my job I studied Psychology and Neuroscience, specialising in music. When I discovered UX work I realised there was a lot of crossover with Psychology and fell in love with it.

My mission

I like making sense of complex things, figuring out how to communicate ideas through interactive experiences, and making things easy to use for everyone. I also love to play, and make creative and artistic things that make the web more fun.

I work directly with clients as well as via other agency partners, and have a strong network I can leverage to make things happen. I like to work with ethical, creative people who want to do something original and make a difference.

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