Steve Chambers

Writer for Technology Businesses
Copywriter 🖊️
My story

I usually get engaged to write a ghost blog post for a busy tech company CEO. Then my questioning leads them to think, "Shit, we're not doing any of THAT" so I end up writing more stuff for them and building a Buyer's Funnel. That leads to more outside-in content -- less speeds, feeds, features and functions, more "Day in the life of..." stories.

I love writing, it was a side hustle for ten years when I was a consultant and C-level exec, but now it's full time. When you open a book, you're time travelling to a different place. When you read one of my business articles, I want you to have the same feeling.

My mission

I love helping people, and I can reach more people by helping my clients help their clients help their clients...

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